HTC Smart Tool Download [all versions]

HTC smart tool is a 3rd party tool created by Habeeb Kambrath (developer). This tool offers dedicated HTC smart tool download links specifically meant for HTC smartphones and tablets. Users are assisted with a wide array of tasks through multiple functions available with the tool. HTC has established itself to become a strong brand in the marketplace. The Taiwan-based group offered many models through it, make to compete against flagship phones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and LG G series.

Hence it is essential to have a dedicated software for its users to deal with. The purpose of the tool is to facilitate many functions other than those appear in the mobile. Habeeb Kambrath was successful in that and offers this smart tool designed for HTC mobiles.

Moreover, users are impressed with the range of top notch hardware that tags along with the reasonable price tags. This is an incentive for many users to push boundaries of such smartphones and tablets to milk out the potential performance wise.

The following article will emphasize the features and benefits of the tool.

HTC Smart Tool Download

Features of HTC Smart Tool

Android Device Bridge listing

Android Device Bridge listing would show any android device that is connected to a PC. It’s listed down by a unique ID which is assigned to all Android devices, allowing users to distinguish one device from another.

Reboot into Fast boot Mode

Users more often take a manual approach to launch the fast boot mode in devices. This involves users to physically press down a combination of keys (while the device is turned off) to reboot into fast boot mode. For experienced users, this might be a cake walk, although for beginners it may be a challenge.

Hence HTC tool offers a PC-based tethered fast boot option which users no longer require to press down any keys physically.

Reading and Flashing Unlock Token

Users can read or flash unlock tokens as well as unlocking bootloader of the device.

Zip Flashing

Users can also flash zip packages of small sizes.

Lock recovery

In the case where the bootloader is unlocked, the user can also use this tool to lock the device and revert to its original state.

Factory Reset

Users can also factory reset their HTC device using this tool. In other words, HTC device will be restored to manufacturer’s settings by erasing any personal data such as images, videos, messages, and etc as well as device settings and other changes done upon purchase of the device.

Reboot Bootloader

The user can experience fast rebooting of the bootloader.

The user interface of the tool is not very attractive as can be seen it is fully blue in color. Although it seems not to be user-friendly by looking at its interface it makes ease of working out functions. That is the functionalities it renders seconds to no other tools designed making up for its interface loss. Users are highly benefited by features such as rebooting to fast mode and lock recovery more often. Flash tool download brings you all versions of the tool with direct downloads links.

HTC Smart Tool Download [all versions]



There are other tools which offer similar features and benefits such as Alfahd Android Tool which caters to mobiles other than HTC. But this software being dedicated for HTC renders an impressive service to its users unlike other common tools designed. Hence it is a trustworthy and reliable tool with trouble free service.

The use of software and how to perform different functions that cater the users is available on our “How to use HTC Smart Tool” guide. Check out the tool guidance article for more information on the rooting process. It clearly depicts how to root with the tool step by step with clear images. Stay tuned with us for the very latest of HTC smart tool download links and exclusive tutorials.

How to Flash Samsung Android device using Samsung Odin

An overview on the “How to” guide for Odin

Following is a step by step guide to flash Samsung devices using Samsung Odin downloader. Further details of this tool in our introductory page “Samsung Odin Download”.

Prerequisites for Flashing

  • Ensure that your battery of the Samsung device is charged up to 40% or higher.


Step 1

First, install Samsung device drivers to your PC. This is in case if your device drivers are not installed.

Odin can identify and debug devices only when drivers are installed to your PC.


Step 2

A stock or customized ROM is required to be downloaded and extracted to your PC. Below link contains some stock ROMs that can be utilized .

Download Samsung Stock ROM

Step 3

Then, Turn your Samsung Device off.


Step 4

After switching the Samsung Device off, it requires being booted into Download Mode. This requires below combination of buttons to be pressed on the device.

Press and Hold Volume Down key- Home Key and Power key till your phone vibrates.

download mode

Once the Phone Vibrates, Keep holding on to Volume Down Home Keys but relieving the Power key. Holding on to these buttons will load into Download mode.

Step 5

Once Download Mode completed it will show a warning screen as per below.

Then, press Volume up button to proceed.

volume uo

Step 6

Next, Download Odin Downloader to PC and then extract. There is no necessity of installing and operation can be begun simply by clicking on the Odin3 executable file.

  • You can download Samsung Odin All versions on our dedicated download page.


Step 7

Then, Launch Odin3 and connect the device to the PC.



Step 8

Odin3 will show the device added in the log as per below when the connection is identified.load4

Step 9

Then, Click on the “AP” button an select the .tar.md5 file that was downloaded and extracted in step 2.




Step 10

Then click the start button for Odin to begin the Flashing operation.


Step 11

Flashing process completion will be displayed with a green “PASS!” message appearing in Odin. Please disconnect your device from the PC.


Step 12

Then, your device will automatically restart to a boot loop. During this time, you will have to boot into stock recovery mode by pressing button combination.

Press and Hold Volume Up key- Home Key and Power key till your phone vibrates.


Once the Phone Vibrates, Keep holding on to Volume Up Home Keys but relieving the Power key. Holding on to these buttons will load into Recovery mode.

Step 13

The screen would show as per below.



Then scroll down using the Volume button and select “Wipe data/Factory reset”

Step 14

Upon Cache Data cleared, Select “Reboot System Now” in the Menu


Step 15

Finally, the device will restart with the Stock ROM you have selected.

Your Flashing process is now complete!

Few More things to keep in Mind…

Flashing your device can cause loss of memory and data. Hence users should be aware of keeping back up of the device. Furthermore, Flashing Stock Rom will not void any warranty protection, hence it is very safe to proceed under the protection period.

Samsung Odin Download links

Go through with our Download page for All versions.Was Samsung Odin helpful? Please let us know your thoughts.

Samsung Odin Download [All versions]

An Overview of Odin Download

Samsung Odin is a tool created by Samsung and leaked for public. Odin is a tool that performs flashing /rooting for Samsung Android devices. This tool is not publicly distributed by Samsung, but only give to such service centers that require it. All manufacturer service centers worldwide are equipped with essential physical and virtual tools. This lets consumers in any particular region to repair or update their devices.

However, such tools tend to end up with developers who make it available for public free of charge, and often with some upgrades. Therefore even though Odin is developed for Samsung devices, it is also capable of using for other makers of android devices.

Odin Download

The following article will emphasize on the features of Odin.

Features and Benefits of Samsung Odin Download

Flashing Stock and Custom firmware

The main function of Odin is to Flash Stock and Custom firmware in Samsung devices. Service centers use this tool to recover a crashed device using Stock firmware.

However with the unofficial publicly released Odin Download is capable of flashing user modified firmware which grants super user access and tons other of custom features.

Recovery Flash

As aforementioned, Odin restores stock firmware when performance issues occur on devices. Although it is also capable of flash recovery as well. In other words, it is capable flashing android devices with a previously saved backup with customized settings.

Flash Kernels

Odin also allows the user to flash kernels that would tweak performance in the device.

Flash Rooting

Odin is also capable of flash rooting packages on android smartphones and tablets to grant root access. This would allow users to achieve functions such as overclocking and removing unnecessary applications and processes that hogs memory.


Overall, Odin Download is a user-friendly tool just as many other software that is out in the market. For further information on instructions of use, please visit “How to use Odin Download for PC”. Odin only works on Windows. The Mac OS version tool is known as Heimdall.

You can download all versions of Odin from below links.

Samsung Odin Download  [All versions]















Samsung developed Odin specifically for Samsung devices making it the primary tool for flashing and rooting for Samsung android devices. Although, experts use Odin on other brands such Motorola, HTCand LG.

Go through with How to Flash Samsung device using Samsung Odin guide for the detailed tutorial. Odin Download is probably the most recommended and the best tool used for Samsung devices.