Samsung Odin Download [All versions]

An Overview of Odin Download

Samsung Odin is a tool created by Samsung and leaked for public. Odin is a tool that performs flashing /rooting for Samsung Android devices. This tool is not publicly distributed by Samsung, but only give to such service centers that require it. All manufacturer service centers worldwide are equipped with essential physical and virtual tools. This lets consumers in any particular region to repair or update their devices.

However, such tools tend to end up with developers who make it available for public free of charge, and often with some upgrades. Therefore even though Odin is developed for Samsung devices, it is also capable of using for other makers of android devices.

Odin Download

The following article will emphasize on the features of Odin.

Features and Benefits of Samsung Odin Download

Flashing Stock and Custom firmware

The main function of Odin is to Flash Stock and Custom firmware in Samsung devices. Service centers use this tool to recover a crashed device using Stock firmware.

However with the unofficial publicly released Odin Download is capable of flashing user modified firmware which grants super user access and tons other of custom features.

Recovery Flash

As aforementioned, Odin restores stock firmware when performance issues occur on devices. Although it is also capable of flash recovery as well. In other words, it is capable flashing android devices with a previously saved backup with customized settings.

Flash Kernels

Odin also allows the user to flash kernels that would tweak performance in the device.

Flash Rooting

Odin is also capable of flash rooting packages on android smartphones and tablets to grant root access. This would allow users to achieve functions such as overclocking and removing unnecessary applications and processes that hogs memory.


Overall, Odin Download is a user-friendly tool just as many other software that is out in the market. For further information on instructions of use, please visit “How to use Odin Download for PC”. Odin only works on Windows. The Mac OS version tool is known as Heimdall.

You can download all versions of Odin from below links.

Samsung Odin Download  [All versions]















Samsung developed Odin specifically for Samsung devices making it the primary tool for flashing and rooting for Samsung android devices. Although, experts use Odin on other brands such Motorola, HTCand LG.

Go through with How to Flash Samsung device using Samsung Odin guide for the detailed tutorial. Odin Download is probably the most recommended and the best tool used for Samsung devices.